Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Long time no post, VIEW ME!! >:]

Hey guys,

replay of me playing a 4v4, getting nubrushed and coming back strong taking 2nd place in ranking.

Sorry quality is shit i'm playing on a 6600GT piece of crap video card!

Tip: ALWAYS saturate your drone line, don't build millions of lings to anticipate an attack, scout to find out when your opponent is going to attack, then build accordingly. spines are always nice to help defend!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

|Fuckin creepy| I'll have to admit, i haven't watched the first one. This one made me nearly shit bricks
Leave input in the comments. Was the 1st one better? 2nd? Should i watch the first one xD

anyway, lots of noises in that movie made me think of zerglings.. lke the GRIDLRLRLLRLRLLR noises lmao

Tip time:
When playing as zerg, you always want to keep your macro up, i know how hard it can be but it is well worth it. If you're expanding make sure that atleast one hatchery is making drones, while the other can be pumping units.

Friday, October 22, 2010

1v1 Practice!

Hey guys

Was playing 1v1 last night for practice, am getting better!

Theres a new replay for you guys.

TIP: Roaches after the new range buff freaking kick ass. Roaches do nearly as much DPS as a hydralisk, yet have more life. Though the downside is they are armored so tanks still rip them new ones, but that's aside the point. zvz Roaches are always a good way to go

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey guys, video card kinda works again

True blessing from god I'm not that hardcore of a believer bit i definitely believe this was a blessing in disguise.

My video card breaks 1 week before Midterms.
I'm definitely fucked**

I have nohting better to do but to study xD

after midterms, i plug it in.. still broken, but i wiggle around with it plug it in awkward angles and stuff. don't screw it all the way in, and it actually works!

I've been playing all of tonight, won 6 games in a row

This is a replay of me playing wiht my cousin. Halfway through he disconnects =/

vs a Terran and Protoss 
when he dropped i nearly shit bricks. xD

Sorry i'm not pro enough to have the Fraps playing and uploading to youtube YET i'll try working on it

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zerg Tips!

Helpful tips for you Zerg players, or useful hints against zerg!

Today i will be featuring the Overlord. It is a vital unit as a zerg, as not only does it produce population but it can boost your forces' speed, transport units, scout, protect your units, and even be a major annoyance to your opponent/s.

1: Using drop creep ability on an overlord can help cockblock your opponent's expansion. If they start firing at it, run it away (assuming you have speed) and when they're not looking, move it back, drop a slime of creep and run. repeat until your opponent rages.

2: Using Overlords: Overlords are useful in battle and not. They have many purposes... with their speed ability, they could essentially protect your army from "microing," runthroughs in their base to scout, and can provide creep highways for your units.

(( my favorite use for them: When you're facing a terran, they usually scan you throughout the match. Use your creep poop on the side of your base to build a "hidden" spire, infestor pit, ultralisk cavern, etc! ;] ))

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Need video card!!!

Blah i've been so sick of this whole playing on a laptop thing..
1, it's so shitty
2, freaking slow as hell
3, stupid mouselag.

i'm about ready to toss it out of the window

Anyway i'm anticipating the day that i get a video card again, as of right now i'm running linux as my primary OS since windows 7 w/ an onboard is probably the ugliest shit ever.

Anyway. i'm too tired to post any guides right now so i'll postpone. thanks for reading!
remember to comment below and i'll pageview and comment you back!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Your thoughts on Pokemon TCG

Hey guys, I'm thinking about starting up Pokemon TCG. I got my first starter set the Soul Silver one with Feraligatr today, idk if it's any good but please comment below and tell me your tips.

(Because i can't afford a new 200 dollar video card)

Stay tuned for more Starcraft 2 Tips once i get back into the groove.


Midterms Midterms Midterms.
So many midterms after this week.

If this was my class then hell, i'd ace it!
UC Berkeley gets a SC2 Competitive Starcraft class.

Also if you guys would like, check my out my friend's blog at

TIP: When using Void Rays, be careful about how you go about microing them. There is a certain way to continue their chargeup during micro, attack/moveback strategy below is a video on how to charge it and move correctly. ( Really sad about the whole Fazing thing being taken out, but it was only fair D= )

Here is a video for you guys disregard the last part, but still i'd suggest watching it for the kicks and to see how OP VR were back in the early stages of the game

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zerg vs Zerg tips

Hey guys. Some quick tips for you zerg players

Say you're starting off a game Zerg vs Zerg. Unsure if what build to go, you decide to quick expand.

You soon realize a squad of zerglings rush your expansion like no other

Your first mistake was that you actually quick expanded vs a zerg with no defense

Today, i taught some guy this. It was an important lesson for him. I out of everybody i know am the best SC2 player so i always get comments for help and such. Annoying, a little, but learning that i taught someone something that would impact their future games and make them better makes up for it completely
Anyway if you're lookng for me in game my name is Getevlcted #562!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Horrible Horrible week

Some ranting for you guys.. So this week so far i've
  1. Dislocated my left shoulder and almost drowned.. surfing
  2. Had my 220 dollar school parking permit stolen at costco (tire center)
  3. Had my 8800GT video card fry
  4. Have 4 mid terms for 4 of my classes next monday/tuesday (two history, calc, and computer science)
  5. and worst of all, i can't play starcraft 2 for awhile, until i can afford a new video card. BUMMER
All of that, within the course of 4 days. (with the exception of the midterms)
Oh well, life.. it happens
So anyway, more about starcraft 2. Heres a build for my fellow bloggers
It's a build that i used to use a LOT in 1v1 games before i made champion high diamond
i DO still turn to it sometimes, but that's when my usual build can't be used or is being countered.

PS. If you guys are feeling generous, you can always pitch me a couple bucks toward my new video card to the left, at the donate button.. Until i have it, i will sulk in sadness whilest i attempt to play on my old DELL... inspiron 700m. chance of success.. 0-5%

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hey guys, just on a side note i have noticed that there have been lots of talk about the new "paypal" called Paybox. It's scheduled for launch in the summer of 2011, so they're still in mad development. They're offering $50 dollars paybox currency as an incentive, plus up to 20 dollars every day for giving them feedback and answering questions that would help then develop their system. It seems interesting to me, so i took advantage of their early bird special ($50) and will provide them with some help and feedback. I hope that this system grows big against all competitors! If you would like to try it out, here is the link So the sooner you sign up, the quicker your paybox currencies will accrue. And if you like it alot and take advantage of their offers, you could probably  make a fortune once the website actually launches.

But until then, we'll just have to wait and see, so why not just get the earlybird special =]


So much Calculus

Hey guys, i'm taking a break from my calc homework, which blows ass. I haven't played Starcraft in days =[ I definitely feel the need to play, but.... must.. finish.. hw!
I'm here to leave a tip of the day :D

Scouting. Scouting is VERY important. It can change your game drastically.

Example: Say you plan in going mass marines, but you notice your opponent has infestors and banelings, it would be the best idea to switch over to marauders or mech. They don't get blown up as hard when the banelings hit heavy armored units.

Always scout =]