Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Horrible Horrible week

Some ranting for you guys.. So this week so far i've
  1. Dislocated my left shoulder and almost drowned.. surfing
  2. Had my 220 dollar school parking permit stolen at costco (tire center)
  3. Had my 8800GT video card fry
  4. Have 4 mid terms for 4 of my classes next monday/tuesday (two history, calc, and computer science)
  5. and worst of all, i can't play starcraft 2 for awhile, until i can afford a new video card. BUMMER
All of that, within the course of 4 days. (with the exception of the midterms)
Oh well, life.. it happens
So anyway, more about starcraft 2. Heres a build for my fellow bloggers
It's a build that i used to use a LOT in 1v1 games before i made champion high diamond
i DO still turn to it sometimes, but that's when my usual build can't be used or is being countered.

PS. If you guys are feeling generous, you can always pitch me a couple bucks toward my new video card to the left, at the donate button.. Until i have it, i will sulk in sadness whilest i attempt to play on my old DELL... inspiron 700m. chance of success.. 0-5%


  1. Shit man, you had a really bad week

  2. This is great thanks, and keep up the good work.

  3. Never played SC2..Hell never played SC1 :\