Thursday, September 30, 2010

To you terran players out there

Great strategy to do in 2v2 with a zerg is to go Reaper and Zergling ( with metabolic boost )
You can easily outmass your opponents first teir units, and it's a great over all strategy. If you keep pushing it though, remember to tech out incase it fails.

TIP: Whether you decide to proxy or not, you must always get nitro boost. Don't save that extra 50 mins / 50 gas for 2nd reaper, Nitro Boost will help you out 100x more in the end.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Blizzard is shitting on the servers. What's new right?
Remember back in the WoW days where server matainence would extend all day, servers would lag like hell, and there was no reason to be playing, but we all played anyway?

That's how i feel right now with SC2.

/end rant

Anyway: TIP
Make sure you are always pumping your mineral line. Your max amount of probes that can harvest is 24, so 3 lines of SCV/DRONES/PROBES
Even if you have enough, if you have the extra money, why not build more. It makes it easier when it's time to expand, just grab a chunk of them and go!

At school

Sup guys, i'm at school right now! I thought i'd update you guys with the tip of the day or something.

When you're playing a game, always be building units. Don't forget. I had a couple of friends today play with me and they seriously didn't build anything, when the opponents came and attacked us they had like a few cannons so they hit me and we lost. Cool huh! Don't turtle up unless you're going to pool a zerg for mutalisk!

Anyway, TL;DR Keep a nice army up whether it's to attack, or to defend. Especially in team matches!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good Night

Letting you guys know that Night classes at university SUCK. Just got out from a 4-10 (two 3 hour classes) day and i am absolutely exhausted. But i will leave yo guys wiht a tip of the day!
Tip of the day:

Proxy hatchery is always a fun and creative thing to try. It works especially well against protoss going zealot, just toss up a spines, make roaches and win!

Monday, September 27, 2010

What's with this weather

I don't know if you guys have heard, but today LA broke it's world record for weather.. atleast that's what my paps told me.
In fullerton today it was 112 degrees. downright outrageous. Good thing i was in an airconditioned room all of today. Now that that's over with i think it's time for some more Starcraft!!!

While playing as a Terran on a map with floating isles, It's always a good sneaky idea to stealth build a CC and float it over without your opponent knowing. This gives you a great mineral and gas lead, while you're turtled in your base while your opponents are clueless.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Run.

Hey guys just got some games in today, went up about 60 points. Pushes us from WORLD 350 to 250 =]

We're 4th in our division void ray tau! Check us out. I will try to post some recent game play from us, my cousin and I, but no guarantees i still don't know how to get videos over 10 mins on youtube.

Anyway more tip (from today's experience) time!


A roach will do more DPS than a mutalisk, a mass group of roaches will be able to kill a base far quicker than a mass of mutalisk of the same numbers. If you find yourself in a base race, even zerglings will win against mutalisk. Have your 2v2 partner take care of mutalisk, and you can focus on taking out all other ground units.


**we faced this team where he went quick EXP only to go hydras** So when you see an opponent pumping roaches, TRY to get mutalisk to bone the mineral line, if and ONLY if your team mate can hold off, or barely hold off. Tossing up a few spines will help A LOT.


To gain access to higher ranks you guys are going to have to think quick on your feet. Play changes win the game, for instance a game today i had about 30 mutalisk going into a battle with my teammate, we barely won, but i lost most of my mutalisk. He had gone heavy viking and MM while toss went Collossus. I used my left over mutalisk to hit the mineral line while i pumped Hydralisk out at base. During the next battle the built far too much AA and my hydralisk cleaned the rest up.

Tip #1 Mutalisk don't do very much damage
Tip #2 Learn to read your opponent
Tip #3 Think quickly, don't find yourself in a tunnel visioned match.


Hey guys, dropping by before doing a boatload of homework.

Tip today is for you protoss players.


Don't know how peopel always forget, but ALWAYS chronoboost something.

10-16/20 population you should be chronoboosting your mineral line.
20-30ish depending on your play style either boost more workers or your warp gate tech
30+ boost your temp archives/stargates/robotics

mostly everything else should be on upgrades. which brings me to my second tip!

Upgrade =]
With spare minerals and warp gate on cooldown, toss up two forges and upgrade. it never hurts to be stronger than your opponent.


Hey guys, i was just wondering after patch 1.1
Who all play terran, and how bad do you think the seige tank was nerfed?

My opinion: I think it's a really fair nerf... Before they would completely destroy all of my hydralisk before i could even get close. Also, lately i have seen less and less seige tankage but that's just me. Leave your opinions and thoughts below in the comments!

Mutalisk " Magic Box "
use it, abuse it.. fall in love


Saturday, September 25, 2010

I've been on a hotstreak!

Hey guys, just updating you on my status. We're at 1135 right now! We went on some 5-1 hotstreak today pretty exciting stuff.
Stuff i realized today.
TIP #1
When you're a zerg, and you face a zerg. Quick expansion might not always be the desired build. A pack of speedlings will tarnish your quick expansion to bits. Just food for thought

TIP #2 
MM balls are very strong, but a few spines (5 in my case) added to your defending army go a LONG way.

TIP #3
If you have atleast 1 or 2 more mutalisk vs your opponent's muta ball you WILL win. micro a little but don't try too hard (often times noobs try to overmicro losing their DPS).

TIP #4
1 Psy storm does heavy heavy damage. Imagine this. Psychonic Death = Kill 20 units with a single high templar.
Seems hard right? A high templar dropping two psy storms on a pack of MMM's will ravage their numbers.
20 marines will cost them 1000 minerals.

Thanks for tuning in =D I promise i'll try to post some more videos up, i dunno how to broadcast yet.. but i will learn!

Some encouragement

This is some encouragement for you guys! Stay strong in game and not, kick ass!


ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS keep building when you're moving out for battle =]

This is what usually gets everybody from bronze to gold.

Attacking a mass army, and having your opponent barely fend off said attack to only be barraged with another wave of units (ones built at base).

this is true ESPECIALLY when you're zerg. ALWAYS spew on 25 and rmbr to spew in combat as well as morph. do NOT waste any of your larvae from spawning (cap 3 natural larvae).

DO hotkey your buildings , barracks, gateways, hatcheries, ETC.

Now go out there and kick ass anons.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Usual build order


Anyway, in 2v2 i usually play zerg and my cousin plays protoss.
I do this build order whenever i'm facing either Terran, Protoss//// Protoss Protoss //// Terran Terran.

ALWAYS build a sunken colony or two at your main and exp, it really helps! The reason why i don't do this build against zerg, is becuase a group of speedlings can really do some damage when you're focusing on macro and have fewer units.
Guys have any suggestions for 1v1 zerg?
I'm always open for a good match too my game name is Getevlcted 548
send me a tell or add me!


game2 tourney

Watch live streaming video from sillyxiily at

Second Game! WOOO

Hey guys

sillyxiily on Broadcast Live Free

Hey guys this was a match from my first Tournament game play, I'm the zerg. Enjoy!