Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Run.

Hey guys just got some games in today, went up about 60 points. Pushes us from WORLD 350 to 250 =]

We're 4th in our division void ray tau! Check us out. I will try to post some recent game play from us, my cousin and I, but no guarantees i still don't know how to get videos over 10 mins on youtube.

Anyway more tip (from today's experience) time!


A roach will do more DPS than a mutalisk, a mass group of roaches will be able to kill a base far quicker than a mass of mutalisk of the same numbers. If you find yourself in a base race, even zerglings will win against mutalisk. Have your 2v2 partner take care of mutalisk, and you can focus on taking out all other ground units.


**we faced this team where he went quick EXP only to go hydras** So when you see an opponent pumping roaches, TRY to get mutalisk to bone the mineral line, if and ONLY if your team mate can hold off, or barely hold off. Tossing up a few spines will help A LOT.


To gain access to higher ranks you guys are going to have to think quick on your feet. Play changes win the game, for instance a game today i had about 30 mutalisk going into a battle with my teammate, we barely won, but i lost most of my mutalisk. He had gone heavy viking and MM while toss went Collossus. I used my left over mutalisk to hit the mineral line while i pumped Hydralisk out at base. During the next battle the built far too much AA and my hydralisk cleaned the rest up.

Tip #1 Mutalisk don't do very much damage
Tip #2 Learn to read your opponent
Tip #3 Think quickly, don't find yourself in a tunnel visioned match.


  1. never actually played sc2, but always wanted to try. ill keep these tips in mind.

  2. Cool blog man!
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  3. Great tips I'll have to try these later.

  4. I'm feeling inspired to play, but I'm too tired :(

  5. I love them SC2 tips there really upping my game.

  6. Been looking to improve my SC2 game. Thanks for the read.