Friday, September 24, 2010

Usual build order


Anyway, in 2v2 i usually play zerg and my cousin plays protoss.
I do this build order whenever i'm facing either Terran, Protoss//// Protoss Protoss //// Terran Terran.

ALWAYS build a sunken colony or two at your main and exp, it really helps! The reason why i don't do this build against zerg, is becuase a group of speedlings can really do some damage when you're focusing on macro and have fewer units.


  1. Do you have any good 'toss advice? I've never really watched online vids for them and I don't know where to start.

  2. cool vid, i have yet to figure out zerg. the loss of econ for units always slows me down too much for me to cope with effectively, but the change in play style is appealing, so ill follow and hopefully learn some tricks, thanks!

  3. I'll get to play SC2 in a week, so your posts are very useful.. don't stop posting

  4. I figured that out all too late, lol, better luck next time I guess.