Sunday, October 10, 2010

Need video card!!!

Blah i've been so sick of this whole playing on a laptop thing..
1, it's so shitty
2, freaking slow as hell
3, stupid mouselag.

i'm about ready to toss it out of the window

Anyway i'm anticipating the day that i get a video card again, as of right now i'm running linux as my primary OS since windows 7 w/ an onboard is probably the ugliest shit ever.

Anyway. i'm too tired to post any guides right now so i'll postpone. thanks for reading!
remember to comment below and i'll pageview and comment you back!


  1. Buy a stationary computer for games! So much cheaper

  2. Yeah man, I could never play games on a laptop. I can't stand that shit.

  3. Haha i don't normally, my video card just fried and now my desktop is like a sitting duck. =/

  4. I'm running a GTX260, and I bought it about 5 months ago.

    They're about $200 nowadays, which is damn cheap compared to what it once cost.

    I highly recommend it; I'm running SC2 at full specs w/ no lag. It's not too hot, either.

    Anyways, come visit me!

  5. no noway all aobut intel/nvidia!

  6. Get back to the guides! keep 'em coming!

  7. you need to learn how to save some cash haha then you can buy that video card you want man

  8. i feel you man i can't do shit with my laptop