Friday, September 24, 2010

Guys have any suggestions for 1v1 zerg?
I'm always open for a good match too my game name is Getevlcted 548
send me a tell or add me!



  1. yeah, As soon as possible get 10 Drones. After which you want to build an Overlord. Then, when the Overlord is done you should get 3 more Drones out and wait until you cap 200 minerals. Once you have your 200 minerals make a Spawning Pool.

    While the Spawning Pool is being made you should get an Extractor up and put 3 Drones on it, then resume spawning Drones until the Extractor is completed.

    When that's complete you should get a Queen out as fast as possible as well as Zerglings & Drones. A good idea would be to upgrade your Spawning Pool too, with the speed buff, after you have 100 gas.

    Make a Baneling nest and get some Banelings in case your enemies decide to attack you, they're great for fending off and protecting your base.

  2. I really want to get into SC2 soon, so hope you keep posting about it. I'll be reading

  3. Could be interesting. I play gold but more due to luck then skill. :)

  4. Lol horror, i could have told myself that

    And for megaviljami, if you get it you can always add me and i'll help you out
    same goes with gruff knits

    Always can throw me a friend invite and i could help you guys out. I'll help a fellow blogger get better =D

  5. I just suck at the whole thing lol

  6. Idk, all I know is that I need a new pc so I can freaking play SC2.

  7. ive never played it before lol. is it just a strategy game or is there any FPS in it?

  8. it's all a strategy game no FPS. i play it sometimes it's really fun